Taking a Step Towards Healing

Recreational Outdoor Activities for Veterans


Experience the Wonders Your Homeland Has in Store for You

Enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing at Heroes Outdoor Therapy. We provide an outlet for veterans and active-duty service members experiencing everyday stress and post military combat struggles.

Meet the Leaders

The founder, Leslie VanDerau, alongside cofounder Troy VanDerau, aim to help veterans from all over cope better in life. They are both veterans that have served their time in the military and now they strive to help others cope with their difficulties in life.


Hunting and Fishing Trips

They plan, coordinate, fund, and guide recreational outdoor trips all over the country for our veterans. Their goals is to offer a healthy outlet for deserving veterans to handle everyday stress decompression and a myriad of other challenges that come from serving.



These outdoor activities were made possible with the help of beloved sponsors. You can browse through the organizations that help improve the lives of our veterans.

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Reach out for any questions or inquiries. The team would be happy to address all your concerns.